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San Diego Expert Witness Civil Engineer – Schwerin & Associates 

Schwerin and Associates is a multi-faceted Civil Engineering firm that provides services on a multitude of tasks to the Legal and Development community. This is a firm with proven technical skills, longevity and demonstrated communication talents assisting lawyer and land owner alike. Forensic assistance has been provided in the following areas:
  • Land Use
  • Municipal Approvals
  • Presentations
  • Hydrology and Hydraulics
  • Flood Damage
  • Land Form
  • Condemnation Matters
  • Costing
Led by firm principal Walter T. Schwerin P.E., the firm has successfully assisted its clients in the courts, at the podium and in the development of strategies necessary for a beneficial conclusion.Clients have included the legal community, school districts, insurance companies and real estate developers. Expertise in Land Use has assisted lawyers in obtaining top dollar for their clients when the State is impacting or seizing private lands.Similarly, Schwerin & Associates has helped determine the reality of storm water damage. Has the storm water damage been self inflicted or truly caused by outside occurrences? When your needs are for expert forensic expertise in Civil Engineering, contact Walter at Schwerin & Associates.

Schwerin & Associates provides Civil Engineering, Planning; Discretionary processing, design of roads, utilities, drainage and land form, and mapping services.For further information, please visit our Civil Engineering Web site.